Last Revised: July 29th 2013
Posted By : Administrator
  1. Regardless of the rules to follow, if a moderator or an admin asks you to stop what you are doing, then please listen.
  2. Do not mention your swagbucks username, and do not post your referral link. If someone is visiting our site, they already have an account with swagbucks. Revealing your swagbucks username only puts you at risk of having your swagbucks account deactivated.
  3. DON’T USE CAPLOCK. We’ll listen to you. You don’t have to shout. You can have an all-caps name, but keep it short (probably between 5-7 characters).
  4. Be respectful of others.
  5. No spam. Don’t send too many messages in a short period of time. Our chatbox software automatically bans people who do this.
  6. You may not include any referral links in chat messages. You can, however, set the link in your name to a non-swagbucks referral link. See rules 7-12.
  7. You can put any age-appropriate link of your choosing (with the exceptions of those mentioned in rules 11 and 12) in the “e-mail / url” box. This includes referral links. You may not, however, link to objectionable content.
  8. You are allowed to advertise a link in your name once every 12 hours. Any chat message drawing attention to the link in your name counts as advertising, unless someone specifically asks you about the link in your name.
  9. When advertising or promoting a site, you must include the text “#ad” in your message. Alternatively, you can immediately follow your ad with another message containing the text “#ad”.
  10. When you are advertising or promoting a site, you need to talk about that site and what it has to offer. If you just say “Site Name  link is in my name,”  or anything in that nature, we will consider that spam and your message will be deleted and/or you will be banned.
  11. You may not post links to other chat rooms.
  12. When posting or including links in your name, you may not use URL shortening services like,,, and so on. Use the full URL.
  13. Your username may not contain characters or language intended to draw attention to you.
  14. You may not mention sites in competition with
  15. No impersonating anyone. If you impersonate or try to impersonate anyone, you’ll be banned. We’ve seen all of the tricks. Don’t try.
  16. Keep it PG-13. Don’t be vulgar. There are plenty media for that sort of talk, but our chat box isn’t one of them.
  17. You may not buy, sell, or trade accounts, items, or money on
  18. Please try to use the same username.
  19. You want to be a moderator, you say? Don’t ask us. We’ll ask you.
  20. We’re not responsible for accidents, misunderstandings, or trouble you might get into while using our chat box.
What happens when I’m banned? Failure to comply with the rules will result in a ban. We reserve the right to change these rules as we see fit. Moderators and Admins reserve the right to ban anyone. The duration of any ban is at the whims of the person who banned you. If you’d like to appeal your ban, you can go here to plead your case. Make sure you convince us that you shouldn’t have been banned.

If you have questions or concerns with the rules, please ask a moderator.

About Our Robot We have a robot that goes by the name of gpt-bot. He updates our chatbox when it looks like swagbucks might’ve released a code on twitter, facebook, or their blog. He’ll also announce changes to the swidget. If he’s bothering you, speak with one of the mods.

Legend for Username Colors

1-Admin-has the right to do anything
2-Admin’s Assistant-has the right to do anything
3-Moderator-has the right to ban you or delete your messages,post codes,and taunt with you
4-Poster-Has the right to ban you delete your messages,post codes
5-Temporary Moderator-Has the right to delete your messages and ban you
6-Moderation Robot-has the right to do anything
7-Robot-has the right to ban you,delete messages and post codes in chat and also gpt site notifications
8-Members With Url/Email-Has the right to chat advertise,or email others
9-Members Without Url/Email-Has the right to chat in the chatbox

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